Porpoise Corpus is an exciting contemporary ensemble under the direction of Peter Whittingham Award winner of 2006 – Dave O’Brien. Few stylistic stones are left unturned as they create compositions of logical yet unpredictable narrative, and improvisations of dramatic power and beauty.Porpoise Corpus 

Dave O’Brien (piano)

A musician who has always had an itching desire to explore the unfamiliar and likes to invite audiences and band-mates to join the quest. In demand as a double bassist, bass guitarist and pianist, he works with many other groups in London playing jazz, rock, funk, m-base, samba, son-montuno, and various fusions involving other influences such as south-Indian music, flamenco and cabaret. He has recently been on musical field trips to Cuba, the Gambia and New York, where he attended a course at the School for Improvised Music.
He won the Peter Whittingham award for a project to curate two nights at Pizza on the Park this December, both featuring newly commissioned music from Porpoise Corpus, in collaboration with the film-makers/VJs Dandelion & Burdock, as well as four other bands also working with visuals. The award was given based on a live audition with this band and the submission of the pre-mix version of this record.
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Guy Wood [aka Wampa] (drums)

Probably London’s most enthusiastic but subversive drummer. He has also lent his considerable skill to the production of our record. He is in demand as a drummer, laptopist, workshop leader, producer, cross-arts collaborator and composer all over the country, offering his expertise to community-based projects as well as professional ones.
This last year and a bit, he has been particularly busy creating an extended program of new music with live video accompaniment for his own band, Hubcap (which features porpoids Spencer Brown and Jonathan Bratoeff), producing Jonathan’s last release on the F-IRE label, “Points of Perception” (P.O.P), performing with his drum-and-bass duo Sion and completing a masters at the same time. Currently he is producing for the latest electronica project from Onallee, of Roni Size’s Reprazent fame.
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Jonathan Bratoeff (guitar)

Prolific as a composer and band-leader in his own right, having made three albums including “Between the Lines” and “P.O.P” (both on the F-IRE label), his name is attached to that of a septet, quintet, quartet and two trios, each with its own set of original music and its own unique sound. Members of these bands include Seb Rochford, Nick Ramm, Pete Wharam, Oscar Gusjonsson, Tom Arthurs, Tom Mason, Ingrid Laubrook and Dave Smith.
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Tom Ward (alto saxophone)

Tom is a player of dynamic energy, and a sound full of lyrical angularity and passion. His artistic voice has emerged from a love of the music of Albert Ayler, Eric Dolphy, Tim Berne, Parkers Evan and Charlie and messed-up electronic noise, and from constant forays into the unfamiliar. He has studied the art of the wooden flutes of the Fula tribe in West Africa, and also takes a keen interest in the science of music and its relationship to the cosmos.
Tom Ward (

Tom Challenger (tenor saxophone & clarinet)

A highly progressive musician and keen collaborator with many inspiring players on the circuit such as The Heritage Orchstra, The Herbaliser, Red Snapper, The Optomist Club, Clark Tracey, John Taylor, Mike Garrick, Lol Coxhill, Jeremy Warmsley, Don Rendell and Julian Joseph. His intelligent approach to harmony combined with his spontaneous and instinctive sensibility is given a voice in this band, as it is in the many projects of his own direction, such as Ma and La Ferme.
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Spencer Brown (bass)

One of London’s busiest electric and acoustic bassists, his warm powerful sound and creative approach has allowed him to work with jazz luminaries such as Dave Cliff, Clark Tracey, Adrian Reid and Leon Greening. He also allows himself more than a smattering of rock, funk, and Balkan music.