Monthly Archives: December 2017

BRÅK Season 2

After a successful first season of BRÅK, we’re happy to announce the second season. I’ll be playing with the following lovely musicians:

  • 13th Jan – Roland Ramanan
  • 17th Feb – Olie Brice
  • 17th March – John Macedo

BRÅK Dec 2017

Favourite Animals tour & album

Final tour of the year before collapsing into Christmas – Cath Robert‘s Favourite Animals! This was an absolute cracker of a trip, with really interesting, deep music that a fantastic group of improvisers that was able to explore, develop & reorganise the music throughout the tour. As well as some killer CR riffs.

The Jazz Mann said “An absorbing and intriguing evening of uncompromising music making at the interface where the composed and the spontaneous conjoin to rewarding effect.”

The tour was in support of the album, recorded this summer, that has just come out on Luminous. Check it out here: