IMPETUS GROUP at Hundred Years Gallery, 2019

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Duos at HYG

Tom Ward / Emil Karlsen

This will be the second outing for the woodwind & percussion duo of Tom Ward & Emil Karlsen, having previously performed together at one of the UK’s leading innovative-music-in-a-beer-shop nights BRÅK. Tom is a multi-instrumentalist from Yorkshire, involved in many projects and collaborations across Europe. Emil, originally from Norway, is currently based in Leeds and is establishing himself and his label noumenon as a new, original voice in improvised music.

Cath Roberts / Dee Byrne

Cath Roberts (baritone saxophone) and Dee Byrne (alto saxophone) have been working together on many different music projects under the name of LUME since 2013. They recently started playing duo saxophone improvisations, extending and deepening their musical relationship. Individually and collectively they have released music on many leading labels including their own Luminous, as well as Raw Tonk, efpi, Whirlwind, and more.


IMPETUS @ Hundred Years Gallery

Alan Wilkinson – Daniel Thompson – Cath Roberts – Dirk Serries – Martin Clarke – Otto Willberg – Tom Ward – Hannah Marshall – Charlotte Keeffe – Benedict Taylor


Lisle-Trocado-Ward-Willberg @ Hundred Years Gallery



Oct 27th – Quartet & Duo at Hundred Years Gallery


Rhizome embed

The rhizome with Corey is now embeddable!


Tavares / Trocado / Ward – Vestiges

New sounds from Porto friends and me!

BRÅK Collaboration Cotovelo elegies Upcoming gigs

Upcoming Gigs – Autumn/Winter 2019

21st August 8:30pm – elegies @ Jazz at the Lescar, Sheffield

First outing for a new project playing Seth Bennett‘s original compositions.

5th September 9:30pm – Ward/Constanzo/Trocado/Tavares @ Mira Forum, Porto

Improvised trios/solos/quartet featuring UK/US/PT improvisers Rodrigo Constanzo, Nuno Trocado & Sergio Tavares.

7th September 7pm – Cotovelo @ Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, Porto

Playing Cotovelo for Porta-Jazz.

10th September 8:30pm – Overground Collective @ Vortex, Dalston

Finally! Overground Collective launches its debut album on Babel Label at the Vortex, Dalston! This will be epic!!

28th September 7pm – Tom Ward / Emil Karlsen @ BRÅK, waterintobeer, Brockley

BRÅK resumes at waterinto beer, I’m playing with Emil Karlsen.

26th October 7pm – Tom Ward / Nuno Trocado @ BRÅK, waterintobeer, Brockley

I’m very pleased to welcome Portugese guitarist Nuno Trocado to BRÅK.

27th October 3:30pm – Ward/Trocado/Willberg/Lisle + tbc @ Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton

Nuno & me play with Andrew Lisle and Otto Willberg.

17th November – IMPETUS @ Hundred Years Gallery

Dirk Serries’ newest improvising large ensemble.

23rd November 7pm – Tom Ward / Emily Shapiro @ BRÅK, waterintobeer, Brockley

A bass clarinet duo with Emily Shapiro.

1st December 3:30pm – Tom Ward/Emil Karlsen + tbc @ Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton

Another duo set with Emil, with support from tbc.

Collaboration elegies

elegies at Jazz at the Lescar!

Photo by Rob McPherson

Collaboration News

Large ensembles!

Coming soon! Two large ensemble albums on which I play bass clarinet! Alongside lots of beautiful musicians.

Overground Collective on Babel Label

Ensemble Entropy on Discus

Orchestra Entropy - Rituals cover image

Here I am having some trio larks with Mark Sanders & Sarah Gail Brand: