LIO – Traces of Bicarbonate

I’m here as part of the LIO

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Hundred Years Gallery compilation

Very happy to contribute a track for the next Hundred Years Gallery support compilation! This is the recording of my first ever completely improvised solo set…!

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Two live releases

Two new live releases from the archives!

LUME Kestrel Online

Check out this online large ensemble collaboration by Anton Hunter, featuring my flute!

TONUS – Live at Hundred Years Gallery

Part of the ongoing fundraising efforts for Hundred Years Gallery, this live release of Dirk’s large ensemble!

LIO: We stay apart because we love each other

Great to be a small part of this larger whole:

Ti/om on Radio 3 Freeness

Very excited that the new Ti/om recording will be played on Radio 3’s Freeness show with Corey Mwamba this week!

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