Gigs Spring 2024

27th April – tbc @ BRÅK, waterintobeer
11th May – Tom Ward/Adam Fairhall @ Ad-lib, Ealing
15th May – Outlines @ Fringe Jazz, Bristol
18th May – tbc @ BRÅK, waterintobeer

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Gigs Jan/Feb 2024

27th Jan – Tom Ward/Tullis Rennie @ BRÅK, waterintobeer
3rd Feb – Corrosion @ Porta-Jazz Festival, Porto, Portugal
26th Feb – Outlines @ Jazz in the Round, Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone

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Quartet at HYG

Caroline Kraabel – Julia Doyle – Tom Ward – Douglas Benford

Sunday 30th July, Hundred Years Gallery, 3.30pm

Corrosion reviews

“And, all together, of course, is a real delight. Here is an excellent example of electroacoustic musical discovery that calls for repeated auditions.” –

“plunges the listener into an unfamiliar animal world” –

Tom Ward / Nuno Trocado / Sérgio Tavares : Corrosion

“The communication is perfect, the three understand each other completely, and we get to take part in an extremely exciting journey in the free-flowing improvisational landscape that hits us in the middle of the soul.
Three exciting musicians based in Portugal and London, you really have to keep a close eye on them in the future.” – Salt Peanuts


“highly recommended for adventurous ears; not recommended for sensitive ears”

Outlines album release!

Dee Byrne’s Outlines album is released today! Check it out here:


“The sonority of Ward’s bass clarinet is a key ingredient. It affords variety when Byrne writes parts where two horns play against one, which happens in all the possible combinations, and can also double Brice’s supple bass lines to excellent effect. ” – LondonJazzNews

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