Madwort Saxophone Quartet – Live at Hundred Years Gallery Reviews

Here’s a selection of nice things that people have said about the album:

John Fordham, The Guardian: “cutting-edge contemporary music, but it’s unexpectedly engaging emotionally, and deeply rooted in imaginative composition.”

Stewart Smith, The WIRE: “a distinctive response to the knotty compositional language of Coleman and Berne, combining post-bop licks with tight contrapuntal arrangements.”

Cellars and Lofts: “it’s an orgy of dogged machinery that mimics and demands the human body.”

Sandy Brown Jazz: “a most interesting and satisfying album”

Dalston Sound: “There’s a fine balance to the raw, puckish vitality of each individual performance and the combined quartet’s precision of execution. The musicians evidently know each other well, and they anticipate, shadow and trace each other’s moves with beguiling immediacy.”

Marlbank: “stimulating small group work”

LondonJazzNews: “I strongly urge you to get out and see the band live”