I am a freelance web developer / software engineer / DevOps, with experience in PHP, Lumen, Kohana, Django, Python, Ruby, Rails, Passenger, Perl, Shell scripts, Rust, MySQL, Postgresql, HTML & CSS, Javascript, JQuery, d3, WordPress, Apache, nginx, Docker, JackTrip, and much more…
I have worked on projects for a variety of clients including (PHP/MySQL/Lumen/shell/ops), The Data Lab (Python/shell/Docker/Ops), Noise Orchestra (Python/Rust/shell/Ops), TransportAPI (Ruby/Rails/PostgreSQL/Chef), Intergenerational Foundation (PHP/Wordpress/Ops), Rodrigo Constanzo (JS/d3) amongst others.

Back in the day I did a BSc (Hons) Computer Science from Warwick University, which involved a large quantity of Java programming, including working on a Java implementation of an experimental functional programming language.