Quartet at HYG

Caroline Kraabel – Julia Doyle – Tom Ward – Douglas Benford

Sunday 30th July, Hundred Years Gallery, 3.30pm

Corrosion reviews

“And, all together, of course, is a real delight. Here is an excellent example of electroacoustic musical discovery that calls for repeated auditions.” – https://beatsforpeeps.com/reviews/cadernos-do-underground-3/

“plunges the listener into an unfamiliar animal world” – JazzMania.be

Tom Ward / Nuno Trocado / Sérgio Tavares : Corrosion

“The communication is perfect, the three understand each other completely, and we get to take part in an extremely exciting journey in the free-flowing improvisational landscape that hits us in the middle of the soul.
Three exciting musicians based in Portugal and London, you really have to keep a close eye on them in the future.” – Salt Peanuts


“highly recommended for adventurous ears; not recommended for sensitive ears”


Martina Verhoeven Invites

Advance notice – I’m very excited to play at Cafe Oto at the invitation of Martina Verhoeven next July 23rd. Tickets are already on sale at Cafe Oto.

Gigs Jan 2023

9th Jan – Alex Ward/Tom Ward @ Boat-Ting
21st Jan – Tom Ward/Andrew Woodhead @ BRÅK, waterintobeer
25th Jan – Union Division @ Vortex tickets

Machinefabriek +

In some amazing company on this new collaborative release: