Madwort’s Mechanical Mindset

After spending the past year or so establishing the Madwort Sax Quartet (where ‘madwort’ is an anagram of his name), Tom Ward has recruited a rhythm section and is exploring his music in a more stripped-down lineup of sax, keyboards (Dave O’Brien, of F-IRE Collective), bass (Spencer Brown, of Deathray Trebuchet) and drums (Olly Blackman, of Quadraceratops). Tom composes using Steve Coleman-esque number sequences as a starting point, and the result is intriguing groove music that transports the listener in unexpected directions.

Tom Ward – Alto/Tenor Saxophone (Madwort Sax Quartet, Porpoise Corpus, Quadraceratops)
Dave O’Brien – Keyboards (Porpoise Corpus, F-IRE Collective, Shadow Writing, )
Spencer Brown – Electric Bass (Porpoise Corpus, Deathray Trebuchet, )
Olly Blackman – Drums (Hackney Colliery Band, )

“The main thing I’m working on with the compositions for this project is an idea that has come up in several places – notably Slonimsky via Coltrane, but also Wayne Krantz’s iOS and elsewhere – of exploring ways of enumerating possibilities in order to stretch your intuition as a composer. Of course, some search spaces are too large to be enumerated (such as the universe), so, I’ve been using a couple of simple algorithms based on prime numbers & symmetry to derive little grains of ideas, little points in the search space. I then grow these ideas organically, filtering them through my own personal listening history, taste & intuition, until they gradually develop their own personality, their own character as tunes. I think the sonic palette they take on reflects things that I’ve been listening to in recent years, which includes Steve Coleman, Alas No Axis, MF Doom, Tim Berne and others.”

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Madwort's Mechanical Mindset group photo